Sofia Deluxe – Sofia Deluxe is Having a Bikini Kinda Day

Heavy Hotties presents Sofia Deluxe in When sexy babe Sofia Deluxe wears a bikini, she turns dudes into werewolves. This is to be expected. We photographed Sofia at a secluded house with a pool for privacy just as the sun was setting.

XLGirls: Sofia, would you have sex on a first date if it felt right?

Sofia Deluxe: Yeah! If there is attraction and desire, why not do it on the first date? You have to live in the moment and enjoy it. I like a man who has confidence. Someone who is sincere in what he says. I like a man to be a gentleman and hold doors open for me. I can tell from the first kiss if we’ll have very intense, casual sex.

XLGirls: What do you think about scenes you’ve done?

Sofia Deluxe: Now that I look at some of them, I think that I could have done better. The person who saw them with me got very hot. I haven’t had sex watching them. I wanted to see them first.

XLGirls: We think you’re very hot in your videos and in your photos.

Sofia Deluxe: Thank you!

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