Sofia Deluxe – Sofia Deluxe is Too Sexy for Her Negligee

Heavy Hotties presents Sofia Deluxe in It’s midday but sweet Sofia Deluxe is drawn to go back to her bed. She’s wearing a long black night gown which is low-cut and shows her massive mounds. It’s also open at the sides to reveal her shapely legs.

Sofia sits on the edge of the bed and lowers her negligee. Her perfect breasts hang. The pale white skin of her big breasts contrasts with the rest of her chest. It looks like she’s been outside in a bikini top. Sofia pinches her nipples. She could use a good, long sucking by a guy who loves heavy tits.

The bed is Sofia’s stage. She puts on a striptease show, sucking on a dick-shaped toy while she stares at the camera. Sofia’s tongue drips saliva as she licks the toy and rubs it between her huge tits before sliding it into her pretty wet punani.

Sofia gets on her knees with the toy inside her in a position some call the superstar. Her body is upright and this drives the toy deeper into her wet punani. Pulling on her nipples or cupping her tits in her hands excites her even more. Leaning back, Sofia bounces on the toy, and before long, she’s making that O-face.

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