Remi Ferdinand – Remi Fernandez: Cheating with a Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Heavy Hotties presents Remi Ferdinand in Remi Ferdinand drops by her girlfriend’s apartment and lets herself in. Her girlfriend’s not home but her guy James is in the bedroom with a bad shoulder. He tells Remi about it and she immediately offers to give him a massage because she likes to soothe stiff joints. She hasn’t had his erect dick yet. Now’s her chance.

While Remi straddles her girlfriend’s boyfriend’s back, she lowers her tube-top so he can get a nice eyeful of her big tits. The genie is now out of the bottle. James is miraculously cured of his joint pain and diverts his attention to sucking on Remi’s nipples.

Remi deep-throats him and sucks on his nuts. He throat-fucks and tit-fucks the sexy brunette, fucks her bush-lined juicy snatch and nuts her face. Now he has time to clean up the evidence before his girlfriend gets home.

“I’m not shy about anything but public stuff,” says Remi. “When I give a blow job, I usually spit unless I really like you. I enjoy fluids like spit, pee, squirt and cum.”

Sex on a first date?

“If the vibes are right, sure. Sex is greatly perceived by the larger part of society as this deeply taboo and meaningful thing but in my experience and observations, it’s not always so.”

What does Remi consider to be her biggest asset mentally and physically?

“The ability to think critically has served me in ways both joyful and painful. The titties have served to make me a favorite amongst titty lovers worldwide. They are gifts I greatly appreciate.”

What are Remi’s top three sexual encounters?

“I would probably name a few encounters with long-term sex partners that hit the right way just because of connection and familiarity, but I’ve had some fun experiences otherwise. I’ve had enjoyable group sex experiences, which I always find to be a very hot time. Most recently I was hooking up with a very sexy couple, which lasted briefly but was highly enjoyable.”

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