Marina Morris – Marina Morris: Thick Lover of Dick

Heavy Hotties presents Marina Morris in Marina Morris is primed and eager to jump into the sack with Nicky Rebel. Marina changes into a fishnet dress that shows everything and leaves nothing to the imagination. Nicky flips out when Marina struts into the bedroom. He was anxious to grab a meal with Marina, but after seeing her, he’d rather squeeze her tits, finger-bang her and eat out her cunt than go to a restaurant.

Marina is really hot to suck the dick and kneels on the bed to give Nicky a blow job. He holds her head as she licks the shaft and nuts. She takes his balls in her mouth and gives him a hummer. After cleaning his throbbing dong with her talented tongue, and making suck sounds, Marina gets on top of Nicky, puts his dick up her cooch and grinds and bounces away.

This thick fuck doll really likes to get stretched when she’s on top. Marina gets pounded hard from the side and in missionary position. When he pops on her big booty, she wipes the nut-cream with her fingers and licks them, smiling at the camera.

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