Lisa Canon – XLGirls At The Office

Heavy Hotties presents Lisa Canon in Just another day at the office?

Not when Lisa Canon is working there. Who has time for business? That’s a waste of energy when Lisa is waiting to get down and dirty. Desks are too uncomfortable for Lisa to get screwed on so why fuck on them when there’s a nice, plush chair nearby! If more businesses allowed on-the-job sex, the production levels would rise and workers would be happier and more fulfilled and would completely forget about asking for a raise. The only raise they’d get would be the one in their pants.

That’s sound economic theory to us; let the naysayers and morality police say what they want. Get a gal like Lisa Canon in every office say we. Which reminds your editors of a funny story about something that happened to Lisa in an office.

“Once, at a job interview, I thought maybe if I wore something low-cut he would give me a job, but it didn’t work. One popped out. He was like, ‘Ma’am…your boob.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry!’ And I tucked it back in. That was not supposed to happen. And I didn’t get the job! This was when I was really young. I had dropped out of school, so I needed to go get a job.”

What an idiot that guy was. But there was a reason he didn’t hire her. It ultimately led to Lisa becoming a model. Call it the nipple-ripple effect.

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