Diana Eisley – Diana Eisley vs. The Giant Sex Toy

Heavy Hotties presents Diana Eisley in Our lovely girl Diana Eisley plays with a cock-shaped sex toy that must have been molded from giant men for a tribe of giant women. This is the kind of freakish sex toy that Naughty Alysha specializes in.

“I have a pretty big sex toy at home,” Diana said. “It’s 16 inches. I can’t fit it all in. I’ve only gotten about halfway so far. I’m slowly making my way through it, but it’s big.”

Diana once mentioned a guy she dated who was packing. “I don’t know exactly how big he was, but he was at least from my wrist to my elbow. This was the third guy I dated, and I mainly dated him because of his erect dong.”

This supports our theory that girls can be like men when it comes to body parts.

“I like big dicks and I cannot lie,” Diana sang. When it comes to men, size queen Diana likes the hung-arians. “It really depends on the person. How well they use it. I would be perfectly happy with a guy who’s eight inches or so.”

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