Cami Cooper – Cami’s Big Bra Try-outs

Heavy Hotties presents Cami Cooper in Many are called. Few are chosen. We’re talkin’ about how Cami Cooper chooses her bras. The plump, big-boobed, big-assed XLGirl and MILF takes us along for a bra try-out session. These various over-the-shoulder boulder holders are laid out on the bed for her examination.

Cami tries on each one, describing them and telling us how they feel and fit. How her fun pillows jiggle and wiggle in the cups. She likes to hook them from the front and then swivel the bra around her torso, fit both arms through the straps, lift up the cups and stuff her big tits in them.

Cami sucks and kisses her pliable 38G knockers, leaving her nipples smeared with lipstick. She lies back on the bed and props up on the pillow. Moving her panties to the side, she furiously finger-fucks her mommy-pussy, rubbing her juicy snatch and lips as fast as she can until she enjoys the rush of an orgasm while she looks right at us chubby lovers.

XLGirls: What did you think it was going to be like at XLGirls?

Cami: When I first pulled up, I wasn’t sure, but it turned out to be very good. I like the experience. I’m getting more and more relaxed.

XLGirls: Besides playing with them, what else can you do to your boobies that feels good?

Cami: I can lick them. That’s fun.

XLGirls: How do you like guys to treat your boobies?

Cami: They can do whatever they want with them. They can smack them around. Pinch them. I’ve actually contemplated getting my nipples pierced. I don’t know yet. These girls are not light.

XLGirls: How heavy do you think they are?

Cami: I think we guesstimated 15 pounds each.

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