Alana Lace – Alana Gets a Facial

Heavy Hotties presents Alana Lace in “It makes me feel very sexy,” Alana says when asked what it’s like to see herself in a magazine. “It makes me feel very loved.”

Alana is certainly very sexy and loved in our hallowed halls of hooters and among the Brotherhood of XL Men. It doesn’t hurt that Alana is sweet enough to eat for dessert.

“I love banging,” Alana says. “I love banging and I love being watched when I’m banging.”

We’re all about fulfilling desires here, so we had no choice but to fill Alana’s tasty, plump twat once again for our viewing and jerking pleasure and Alana’s exhibitionist desires. It’s hitting two birds with one bone.

Alana’s boning comes courtesy of our friend Seth Diamond. He’s never seen a plumper he didn’t like, or a pair of naturals he wouldn’t suck. He’s certainly in luck because Alana is as horny as we’ve ever seen her. Her nipples are already erect when Seth pulls her tits out of her top. He sucks on Alana’s right nipple while she tends to her left tit. Yeah, naturals this luscious are often a two-person job.

Alana’s facial expression is a mix of lust and anticipation when Seth is about to stuff his erect shaft inside of her. She’s rubbing her twat and squeezing her tits and almost begging for his meat.

“Yeah, give it to me, baby,” she says in a nearly inaudible whisper.

She lets out a long gasp when he slides himself inside her. Seth’s pace is slow and deliberate to start, but he gradually picks up momentum with each stroke.

“Oh, fuck that beautiful twat,” Alana says. “Fuck this twat!”

Alana’s twat is more than beautiful. It’s mouth-watering. It’s the kind of twat that makes you nearly drop your nut as soon as you slide inside of it, but you never want to leave once you are inside. Alana’s tits bounce to the rhythm of Seth’s thrusts when he fucks her, and her twat is so wet you can hear him churning up her juices as he slides in and out. This is the type of five-star fuck a plump babe deserves.

“Cum on my face,” Alana demands.

You don’t stay as pretty as Alana without consistent facials, and Seth leaves her with a sticky one.

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