Trinety Guess – Ms. G: Sex Ed Instructor

Heavy Hotties presents Trinety Guess in Welcome to Trinety G.’s sex education class. Today Ms. Guess will teach us everything we want to know about the big tits and pussies of hot chicks built like her in a step-by-step, easy-to-absorb classroom lesson.

Books are too boring. Ms. Guess’s live, practical demonstrations have made her a campus cleavage superstar.

Ms. Guess is an excellent, articulate instructor with a clear understanding of her students’ needs and intense interest in this subject. She makes learning a stimulating experience, and as you have seen in her hardcore XXX scenes, she knows how to put the FU in fun.

It’s no surprise that her classes are completely filled every semester and that there’s always a stampede to the rest rooms after each class is over.

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