Sarah Rae – Sarah’s Bag of Tricks

Heavy Hotties presents Sarah Rae in Sarah Rae couldn’t be more excited to flaunt her tits for you, the men who love her.

“As you can see, my shirt is a little tight, and it’s very low-cut,” Sarah says brightly. “I don’t think it’s doing a very good job of covering up my bra.”

We’d disagree with Sarah there. Her shirt, bra and tits are doing precisely what we want them to do right now.

“It’s really hard to cover up huge titties like these,” Sarah adds. “They’re just spilling out.”

Well, that’s because so few girls have tits like Sarah’s 36JJ-cup knockers to begin with. But also because tits like Sarah’s were meant to hang free, not be covered up. Especially since Sarah has a few tricks up her sleeve that would impress even David Copperfield. Tricks such as bouncing her tits without using her hands. We should say that the tricks are more cock-hardening than impressive. Watching her bounce her boobies like this makes us want to shove our faces in between them.

“You like my big booby flexes?” Sarah asks with a giggle.

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