Nagini – 38G-cup Nagini Pre-Date Masturbation

Heavy Hotties presents Nagini in They say good things come in small packages. Here’s a brunette cutie who calls herself Nagini and boasts 38G-cup ta-tas. Her name is in Harry Potter movies, which you probably don’t watch because there are no hot babes in them.

Nagini wasn’t sure about posing at XL Girls at first so it took some time. They say good things come to those who wait and Nagini was worth waiting for.

Nagini faced what we call boob prejudice as she grew up.

“I was a cheerleader, and the outfits had to be made differently for me because I was the only one developing at that time. I was very young. My big jugs have always been a cause for friction, even now. I didn’t have a lot of girlfriends. Nobody liked me because they didn’t have what I had, so I grew up being a tomboy because the boys at that age weren’t interested in my jugs. They were just like brothers, and I was fine with that. It wasn’t until later that they realized what I had and started paying attention to my breasts.”

In this scene, Nagini gets dolled up to go out for a hot date but changes her mind for something more important.

“I like to masturbate almost daily,” says Nagini, whom we found on Twitter at OnlyNagini1990. “My partner and I like to do it in front of each other and get so worked up we go for the real thing.”

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