Mary Brown – Mary Brown: Sweet As Candy

Heavy Hotties presents Mary Brown in When Mary Brown’s shopping bag is full, she has no problem tucking some fruit between her melons. Her deep cleavage can also hold a phone or some money if necessary. She’s the favorite customer of the man who runs the fruit stand. On this day, Mary spent some quality time in her kitchen and our photographer was there to capture the event.

As we’ve mentioned many times before at, Mary and girls with her kind of rack are proof that the skinny, Botoxed look is over-hyped by the producers of television and internet websites and the publishers of women’s magazines. These self-appointed lords of the media push aside the thick and curvy girls like Mary and try to pump it into society’s collective mind that thin is in. But girls built like Mary are actually much more popular than they want you to believe.

In her free time, Mary likes to create different kinds of candy in her kitchen. She also studies confectionery science and reads books and websites about psychology.

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