Katrin Porto – Katrin Porto: Soaked In Oil

Heavy Hotties presents Katrin Porto in Katrin Porto enters the room and gives us an eye-full of her ripe body and big, juicy tits. Katrin turns to show her big derrière in her tight red skirt. She leans forward and swings her breasts. Her big jugs look like they’ll fall out of her low-cut top at any second. The slow motion begins, then the scene resumes to normal speed.

Katrin takes her tits out and plays with her nipples. She turns to show her derriere and takes off the skirt so we can study her butt cheeks. She has thong panties on. She gets on the couch and spreads her derrière after sliding the panties down to her ankles.

Katrin turns and sits on the couch, now totally naked, and rubs her smooth snatch in circles, breathing heavily and making gasping and moaning sounds. She gets louder and louder. Lifting a hand to her mouth, she tastes the snatch juice on her fingers and pinches her nipples. Using both hands, she spreads her pink lips apart, rubbing faster and faster. She then sits on the coffee table and douses her body with a bottle of oil and goes back to fingering her now-slick lady slit and shining breasts.

Katrin says she masturbates often even though she gets all the sex with men she could ever want. Sometimes she watches a porn video and gets off. She also likes to play with her snatch at the same time a guy is pumping her in different positions.

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