Georgina Gee – Oily to Bed

Heavy Hotties presents Georgina Gee in Lovely Brit Georgina Gee oils her succulent breasts, and that takes a lot of oil. You’ll see that later in this show.

Georgina is being naughty. In bed, she’s wearing the sheerest of lingerie and high heels. A true sex-bomb and a beautiful girl. She said she doesn’t like to work out because she wants to stay big.

Georgina has no need to wear clothes that make the guys zero in on her chest.

If Georgina didn’t crave that attention, she wouldn’t be doing what she does. She’d be working in an office in business attire that conceal her spectacular shape.

Georgina isn’t too thrilled about the city she lives in but we’re sure the male population is. When she wants to go clubbing, what does she do?

“First, I go shopping for a new outfit. Shoes, a little bit of heels…because guys love heels and I’m only five-foot-three, mind. I have to get myself ready, obviously, and then I’ll go out. I’ll show my titties and my legs, but mostly my titties.”


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